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Now that introductions of one sort or another have been done for the Cast and Crew (we will be the ones producing, directing, filming, editing this puppy) now would be a good time to get you up to speed at where we are in the process.


I think the best way to describe it would be...pre-production discussions are in progress.



Between themselves 'Edward' and 'Bella' have been have synopsised each chapter of Twilight and as I understand it they have completed this step, which means that the screenplay should be underway  any day now.



There has also been a very brief glance at costumes (if you flick over to Edward's blogspot you'll find more on that), mainly colours -  a theme for each character.



The area we live in, no I won't be telling you where (you could probably work it out for yourself if you look at the clues), with a bit of work and a splash of imagination is Forks. We have the weather, the forest, the fields, the town, we even have a harbour (I  know, that's not in Forks, but it will still be helpful). Incredible helpful for such a low budget - i.e. £00.00. One or two of the locations have actually already been choosen, but which ones is a fact that I think will have to be kept under wraps...for now at least.

So, yes that's all I'll say for now, and for a few days as on 'our side of the pond' (a phrase from the brilliant 'Edward') Breaking Dawn comes out on Monday, although I'm aware many of you lucky people already got your copies today.

Much Love,

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01 August 2008 @ 10:14 am
White Rabbits!

So, now it's a more reasonable hour of the day, maybe a little bit more about the Cast and Crew to get us started and to try to give this LJ a 'face', so to speak.

Unfortunately, I can't help with actual pictures, but I'll try my best to paint a few for you.

I guess the girl in the middle of the picture would be as good a place as any to start, right? 

'Bella' is... Jeez, I've probably started with one of the trickiest to describe. Hmm... She's passionate, very passionate. She loves to plan, she's beautiful (inside and out) and something of a whirlwind of dance, laughter, music, the works.

A bohemian spirit in an age where bohemia is dead, buried, and forgotten. It's all about the art with 'Edward' and not the obvious let's-draw-a-picture kind. The music, the words, the meanings. A deeper art. 'Edward' focuses on the shadow, not the object.

A far more physical person than 'Edward', 'Alice' is all about the energy, the power. She can drive a powerboat, and walk 17Km with a 7 stone pack, singing Disney all the way. Move over Action Man. Quite the little ninja, is our 'Alice'.

Yet another artist, this time a serial doodler. never leave your file lying too long around Jasper for fear it will never look the same again.Actually, I think that rule applies to all of us... Anyway, 'Jasper' is quite the human beat box and is prone to 'breaking it down' with out warning. Not that we mind, of course.

Drop dead gorgeous
just like her character, 'Rosalie' has a habit of unhinging the jaws of all guys in a five mile radius, leaving them drooling helplessly. Regardless of this, she's still incredibly down to earth and great for a laugh.

A nice person. Quiet, but by no means insignificant, Emmett is kind and genuine, always willing to listen. An utter genius and a very calming presence in times of stress. Emmett is always smiling and it's impossible not to smile back.

Yet another victim of the doodle-bug. 'Carlisle' has a habit of spouting either the worst clichés known to man or the dodgiest comments in the history of ever, but we love it. 'Carlisle' is forever starting up a chorus of something or other, which the rest of us are always more than willing to join in on. Nothing can stop this creative flow.

And then there's me, I suppose.

I'm an actress, drama fascinates me. The way you can just step on stage and be someone else, free from your own inhibitions. It's brilliant. I need to learn to think before I speak, but probably never will. I love a good adrenaline rush; it let's you know how alive you are.  I'm always willing to try new things and have a habit of protecting people, which is totally going to get me into trouble one of these days. I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but I'm not blunt either.

So, there we are. As you can see just from the little snippets I've given here we're all unique, just like everybody else.

What brings all together, well I have no clue. Some of us are music-obsessed, while some wouldn't know the Basement Jaxx from Ace of Base. Others have read most of the school library, some scarcely know how to get there. It's probably how different we are that means we fit so well. If all the puzzle pieces were the same, the jigsaw wouldn't fit, right?

The next post will probably be a little bit more about the vision for Twilight the Musical itself and any updates on where this thing is headed.

Much love, 

(ps. Can I just point out that as Edward has so rightly said on his blogspot, the selection of parts was a little unorthadox and as 'Bella' has pointed out on her Bebo, none are set in stone and a few are still to be confirmed, so bear with us)
01 August 2008 @ 12:28 am

Okay, first things first:
Disclaimer: We do not own Twilight, or any of the songs that are to be used. We are in no way affliated with the Twilight Series, Stephenie Meyer, or her publishers. This is purely a parody; a bit of fun between friends that we think other people might enjoy.

So, now that's over a little bit About Us.
We are a bunch of random Twilight readers (not all are fans) who after a magical bus journey and a conversation I can't quite comprehend the beginning of between 'Edward' and 'Carlisle', the idea for Twilight The Musical was born. This magical little idea grew and matured *cough* and now it is actually in what I guess we'll call pre-production.

Here is where I'll be keeping you up to date on making of, interviews, cast gossip, and general news from the Team, but it is a slow process so patience would be much appreciated. And heck, I may actually keep you entertained, who knows.

If you're reading this and thinking, 'what on earth...' then do try to remember this is first and foremost for our own enjoyment and we just thought some others might like to join in that enjoyment.

So yes, more tomorrow I think (well, it's now so late it is tomorrow).

Much love,